Who are the operators outside of Sweden?

EUROCONTROL is an organisation of 40 European state members. Despite its name, EUROCONTROL is not part of the EU but a full-fledged international organization. EUROCONTROL, which does not have legislative power, is working in various ways to harmonize and develop air navigation services in the member countries. Eurocontrol Network Operation Centres (NMOC) are situated in Haren, Brussels and Bretigny-sur-Orge near Paris and collects, processes and distributes flight plans which is a prerequisite for the European air traffic to operate. The organization has also other operational duties, including collecting the fees airlines pay for air navigation services when utilizing the en route paths. Read more about Eurocontrol here.

EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is one of the European Union agencies and the Joint European Aviation Safety Agency. EASA is taking over the continuously increasing number of licensing and supervisory tasks previously carried out by the European countries' own safety authorities. EASA regulations are transferred to the swedish aviation and conditions by The Swedish Transport Agency. Read more about EASA here.

ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organisation is a UN agency whose main task is to create and harmonize the regulatory framework for the global aviation. ICAO members are the states of the world. Read more about ICAO here.