18 June 15:06

Prestigious assignment for LFV's Chief Technical Director

LFV's Chief Technical Director, Ulf Thibblin, has been appointed chairman of a brand new European group that will work to speed up the new technological changes to have a positive effect on the European aviation industry. For LFV, this means an expanded network and opportunities to participate in and influence future technological deve... Read more

17 June 09:06

Research project with electric aircraft and drones for a prosperous countryside

The EDIS research project - electric aircraft and drones in the service of the community - will show the possibilities of using drones and electric aircraft to improve the conditions for community service and transport in areas with large distances and limited access to critical social functions. The project is run by LFV, Katla Aero,... Read more

18 May 11:05

AVISEQ - LFV's new company

Now it's finished. LFV's new company within LFV Holding AB is named AVISEQ Critical Communication AB. AVISEQ, formerly Eltel Networks Aviation & Security AB, was acquired by LFV on April 30, 2020. Read more

04 May 11:05

New Company in the LFV Holding Group

As of April 30, 2020, LFV has finalized the acquisition of Eltel's Aviation & Security business area. In June 2019 a letter of intent was signed between the parties and the transfer of shares is now completed. The newly formed company will be part of the LFV holding group. Read more

16 April 12:04

Potential termination of 500 employees at LFV

LFV is presently in a challenging financial situation with a large loss of revenues due to the dramatic loss of flights in our airspace. The air traffic is down with about 90 %. In the present situation in accordance with Swedish labor legislation we have to communicate a “notice of potential termination of employment” to our employees... Read more

23 March 18:03

LFV acquires the Eltel Swedish Aviation & Security business area

The Eltel Swedish Aviation & Security business area provides technical operations and maintenance services to air traffic control centres, airports, other government agencies and companies in Sweden. In June 2019, LFV and Eltel signed a letter of intent now concluded in an agreement to acquire. Read more