Expanded Remote Tower Center inaugurated


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Expanded Remote Tower Center inaugurated

23 February 10:02

Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson inaugurated the new extension of LFV's Remote Tower Center in Sundsvall last week. The extension provides the capacity to manage air traffic remotely at even more airports.

Air traffic at Örnsköldsvik Airport was the first in the world to be remotely controlled in April 2015.
"It took only ten years for remote air traffic control to go from vision to reality. It has now been fully operational for almost two years and another two airports will be connected during the spring. With this expansion we can remotely control three more airports from Sundsvall," says LFV Director General, Olle Sundin.
"Sweden is in the forefront when it comes to remote air traffic management. The whole sector is in an exciting development phase where new technologies and digitalisation opportunities are important elements in the development of operations," said the Minister of Infrastructure, Anna Johansson.