Remote Tower Services, important steps ahead


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Remote Tower Services, important steps ahead

23 February 11:02

LFV is a stated-owned enterprise that operates on a competitive market. Like all other air traffic service suppliers in Europe, LFV has requirements to reduce the cost of air traffic management without compromising on safety or capacity, at the same time as improving efficiency. This is expected by our customers - airlines and airports - but also by the EU. RTS, Remote Tower Services, is a unique way of meeting these expectations and demands.

Customer demand also controls our supply of services. A large part of this work is the streamlining and digitalisation of airports. On 21 April 2015, LFV was the first organisation in the world to operate remote air traffic management. This took place at Örnsköldsvik Airport from RTC Sundsvall.

As the first remote air traffic services supplier in the world, LFV was given operational approval from the Swedish Transport Agency in autumn 2014. We have solid operating experience of RTS, with over 6,400 hours of operation to date. Our air traffic controllers manage air traffic safely and securely with RTS.

By implementing RTS, the traffic at one or more airports can be controlled from another site irrespective of the distance. The result is an airport that can offer more flexible air traffic services on demand, as well as longer opening hours, in order to meet customer demands. New services can be developed in the long term through digitalisation and information flows. These services will aim at rationalising and developing the organisation for LFV's customers.

For more than ten years, LFV has continued to drive the development of remote air traffic management. Among other things, this has led to Swedavia, LFV's largest customer, seeing opportunities and synergies in building a Remote Tower Center near to their operational centre at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport. From there, five of Swedavia's airports around the country can be remotely controlled. The aim in spring 2017 is for LFV and Swedavia to sign an agreement for five of Swedavia's airports, provided that both parties consider that the prospects are good. A declaration of intent was signed in April 2016.