Efficient collaboration with air traffic control through SWIM managing different events at an airport

30 August 14:08

On 21-22 August 2018, more than seventy international visitors gathered from air navigation service providers, airports, airlines and other ATM-related stakeholders to attend the SWIM demonstration SPADS of LFV and SWEDAVIA in Stockholm.

Sweden has been very active with prominent roles in the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) project. Based on the experiences in the development of SWIM, LFV and SWEDAVIA initiated late 2016 the SWIM Prototype Airport Digital Services (SPADS). The SPADS project is a research and innovation project financed by the Swedish Transport Administration and supported by the Swedish Transport Agency.

The two-day demonstration introducing a truly secure information exchange solution between transport actors in Sweden was highly appreciated. The solution builds on the EU interoperability concept called System Wide Information Management (SWIM) implemented in the SPADS platform prototype.

One of the challenges in airport operations is to ensure an efficient collaboration with air traffic control. Changes in arrival flows may have a significant impact on the turnaround process, including airline ground handling and airport support services. The complexity with increased traffic flows and many actors in large airports can be overcome with an architected airport supported by concepts like SWIM. SWIM consists of standardsinfrastructure and governance enabling the management of ATM information and its exchange between qualified parties via interoperable services.



Day-1 Operational perspective

By using real operational staff for (Tower, Airport, Airspace users, MET etc.) to perform and play the use cases and airport events like medical in SPADS the demo was successfully conducted in explaining operational benefits of SWIM.

Day-2 Solution perspective

With our technical staff and the Swedish SWIM vendors - BnearIT, Synkzone, Redpill-Linpro and Knowledge Agency, the SPADS solution was demonstrated step by step through each life-cycle phase for a digital service. With the airport event tool in SPADS, a medical event scenario was demonstrated with joint information sharing involving many actors at the same time while simultaneously sharing sensitive information between a restricted set of actors. The integrated SPADS solution not only demonstrated the operational benefits, but also compliance towards the SWIM Standard from SESAR, EUROCAE and EUROCONTROL including proving compliance to the EU GDPR regulation.



LFV and SWEDAVIA initiated late 2016 the SWIM Prototype Airport Digital Services (SPADS) to answer questions like:  

What needs to be developed to maximize the benefits and effects of digitization in the Airport arena?

How can we implement a SESAR compliant solution with open and flexible architecture principles, and still be sure that we can manage information between many actors at the airport in a secure and trusted manner?

How can we scale the solution for all the airports in the country, and still act as a federated actor in the European and Global ATM?


More about the SWIM concept

The System Wide Information Management concept SWIM developed in SESAR has revolutionised the way Air Traffic Management (ATM) stakeholders can interact and collaborate at a European and global level. 

Definition “SWIM consists of standards, infrastructure and governance enabling the management of ATM information and its exchange between qualified parties via interoperable services.”