We are involved in developing the European airspace through collaboration in organizations and alliances. Here you can read more about the partnerships and alliances LFV are involved in order to drive development forward.

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

In 2016 Saab and LFV (the Swedish air navigation service provider) established a joint venture; Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions.

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

Leading the way

With a united airspace and joint air traffic services, Denmark and Sweden take the lead in terms of the European development of air traffic services - progress which promotes aviation, society and the environment. 


Minimizing costs together

COOPANS stands as the leading example in Europe of an industrial partnership with cooperation between multiple ANSPs. All partners have the same integration platform and do common validation planning significantly reducing costs compared to a stand-alone system.



Borealis is an alliance with the mission to be the leading ANSP Alliance that enables its Members to drive better performance for stakeholders through business collaboration.