How does Air Traffic Control work? Which routes does flights take in the Swedish airspace? Where can I fly with my drone? Our press service can answer any question regarding air traffic control in Swedish airspace.

LFV press services are staffed weekdays 8:00 to 4:30 p.m. We answer questions on all aspects of air traffic services. LFV's press hotline is staffed outside office hours but answer operational questions such as about the current traffic situation in Swedish airspace and the situation at the airports where LFV provides air navigation services.  You reach our press contact 24/7 at +4611192050.

Press releases

  • Linköping/Saab Airport approved for Remote Tower Services

    Linköping/Saab Airport has received an operating license by the Swedish Transport Agency for Remote Tower Services, RTS. Linköping becomes the third Swedish airport to be handled by the remote tower centre located in Sundsvall, RTC Sundsvall.


  • LFV and Örnsköldsvik Airport are developing the airports of the future

    A new international testing and demonstration centre for remotely controlled and autonomous airports is being established at Örnsköldsvik Airport. The centre will serve as a forum for actors in the aviation business and stakeholders from industry, academia, regulatory authorities, and the region.


  • Record number of aircraft movements in Swedish airspace in 2018

    2018 became a new record year in Swedish airspace with 785,000 movements. This is an increase in traffic of three per cent compared to 2017. Air traffic crossing Swedish airspace without starting or landing in Sweden accounts for the large increase.