LFV News 3 2016

Radar disruption due to radar emissions
The radar disruptions that affected parts of Sweden's air traffic on 4 November 2015 were due to radio emissions linked to a solar flare. This is the conclusion from the investigation conducted by LFV after the event.
On Wednesday 4 November 2015, at around 16:00 hours, control centres in Stockholm and Malmö noticed the first indication that LFV radar stations were not relaying the correct data to air traffic control. The cause was rapidly identified and measures taken.

RTS - One Year in Operation
Since 21 April 2015, LFV has provided remote air traffic control at its Remote Tower Centre in Sundsvall. With around 3,000 recorded operational hours, LFV has acquired a unique experience that airports around the world can benefit from.
Press Release - RTS One Year in Operation.

Airlines fees lowered yet again
In 2015 LFV carried out successful efforts to increase efficiency. This allowed Sweden's route charge to be lowered for the fourth year in a row on 1 January 2016. LFV's share of route charges is approximately 80 per cent.

LFV recieved four awards at World ATM Congress 2016
In addition to Jane's and SES Awards for Remote Tower Services, COOPANS- and Borealis alliances recieved SES Awards at the air traffic management exhibition World ATM in Madrid.