LFV News 5 2016

LFV appoints Trygve Gjertsen chairman of the board for LFV Norway AS

Trygve Gjertsen (to the right together with director general Olle Sundin) has held numerous leading positions within Scandinavian trade and industry.
"We are extremely pleased to have attracted Trygve to LFV. Trygve Gjertsen has vast experience of the industry and a strong customer-centric approach. With Trygve Gjertsen on-board we have all the prerequisites to create a stable platform for our Norwegian investment," says LFV's general director Olle Sundin.
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LFV and Swedavia investigates the conditions for Remote Tower Services

LFV and Swedavia have signed a Letter of Intent to investigate the potential to establish Remote Tower Services at five Swedish airports.
"RTS is being developed on a global basis, but LFV was first both with the operative approval of the technology and putting it into operative service. Moreover, our letter of intent with Swedavia means we will investigate the conditions to establish reliable and safe remote air traffic services on a large scale in Sweden," says LFV's Director General Olle Sundin.
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Full capacity after 90 minutes radar loss

The investigation, made by LFV, after the radar disruptions that affected parts of Sweden's air traffic on 4 November 2015, shows that the disruptions were due to radio emissions linked to a solar flare. This is the conclusion from the investigation conducted by LFV after the event.
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