LFV News no 4

SDATS Takes Over Remotely Operated Air Traffic Control in Sweden. The new RTC Stockholm from inside. LFV has developed an app for users to access AIP Sweden quickly and easily.  [2018-11-26]

LFV News no 4 2018.


LFV News no 3

Air traffic in Swedish airspace increased by three per cent during the first nine months of 2018. Topping out ceremony for RTC Stockholm from where four Swedavia airport will be remotely controlled. Director General of LFV new chairman of the board for COOPANS alliance. [2018-10-09]

LFV News no 3 2018.

LFV News no 2

Air traffic in Swedish airspace increased by more than three percent to 383 000 movements in the first half of 2018.Termination of IAIP on paper this summer. A new air traffic control center for remote tower services.

LFV News no 2 2018.

LFV News no 1

Never before have there been as many flights through Swedish airspace as in 2017. LFV's statistics for last year show a five per cent increase in traffic compared with 2016, up to 762,000 aircraft movements.

LFV News no 1 2018.