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LFV strengthening the Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions company with three employees

In the autumn, LFV and Saab established a joint company, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, to market, sell, develop and run digital remotely operated air traffic management. The company has now recruited three key members from LFV who will contribute with their skills and expertise; Niclas Gustavsson, Business Development Director, Peter Norén, Business Developer and Erik Bäckman, currently the Head of Remote Tower Centre in Sundsvall and operations manager for the airports where LFV operates remotely operated air traffic management. They will assume their new positions on 1 January 2017. [2016-12-28]

Remote Air Traffic Services for Scandinavian Mountains Airport

Defence and security company Saab and the Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider (LFV) newly established company Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions AB, has signed a letter of intent with Scandinavian Mountains Airport AB to provide remote air traffic services. The parties' intent is to sign a contract during the first quarter of 2017. [2016-12-19]

LFV and Saab go global and establish a joint venture for remotely-operated air navigation services

LFV and Saab establish a joint venture, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, to promote, develop, deliver and operate digital remote air traffic control for the export market. [2016-06-29]

LFV and Saab sign agreement to upgrade the Remote Tower Centre in Sundsvall

LFV and Saab have signed an agreement to upgrade the software at LFV Remote Tower Centre (RTC) in Sundsvall, introducing new functions that will support the simultaneous management of two airports (multiple operations). [2016-06-23]

LFV appoints Trygve Gjertsen charmain of the board for LFV Norway AS

LFV has appointed Trygve Gjertsen executive chairman of the company
LFV Norway AS tasked with developing LFV on the Norwegian air traffic control market. "We are extremely pleased to have attracted Trygve to LFV. Trygve Gjertsen has vast experience of the industry and a strong customer-centric approach," says LFV's director general Olle Sundin. [2016-05-20]

Full capacity in Swedish airspace after 90 minutes radar loss

The investigation, made by Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider LFV, after the radar disruptions that affected parts of Sweden's air traffic on 4 November 2015, shows that the disruptions were due to radio emissions linked to a solar flare. This is the conclusion from the investigation conducted by LFV after the event. [2016-04-14]

LFV and Swedavia investigate the conditions for Remote Towers Services

LFV and Swedavia have signed a Letter of Intent, to investigate the potential to establish remote tower services at five Swedish airports. [2016-04-08]

Airlines fees lowered yet again

In 2015 LFV carried out successful efforts to increase efficiency. This allowed Sweden's route charge to be lowered for the fourth year in a row on 1 January 2016. The reduction was 4.6%. [2016-03-30]

RTS - One Year in Operation

Since 21 April 2015, LFV has provided remote air traffic control at its Remote Tower Centre in Sundsvall. With around 3,000 recorded operational hours, LFV has acquired a unique experience that airports around the world can benefit from. [2016-03-08]

LFV statistics indicate a record year for aviation

The number of aircraft movements in Swedish airspace increased by just over 1% in 2015, coming up to 712,000. During the 2000s, the only year with more movements was 2008. This information comes from LFV traffic statistics for last year. [2016-01-21]