Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions


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Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

In 2016 Saab and LFV (the Swedish air navigation service provider) established a joint venture; Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions. The new company will market, sell, develop and operate products and services for remote air traffic control. Together LFV and Saab provide innovative customised remote air traffic control by combining operational and technical excellence to benefit our customers and society.

LFV and Saab have been working together as partners on the development of Remote Tower Services and the digitalisation of air navigation services for many years.

This decade-long partnership culminated on 21 April 2015 with the opening of LFV’s Remote Tower Centre in Sundsvall, when Örnsköldsvik Airport became the first airport in the world to be remotely controlled.

By combining LFV’s unique operational knowledge of RTS with Saab’s first-class technology and global organisation enables us to jointly promote digital air traffic management as a product.

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions is headed by CEO Mr. Johan Klintberg. Three distinguished employees from LFV have also joined the company, Mr. Niclas Gustavsson, Mr. Erik Bäckman and Mr. Peter Norén. LFV is represented at the board by Director General, Mr. Olle Sundin and CFO, Mikael Larsson.

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

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By deploying Remote Tower Services, RTS, one or nu­merous Air Traffic Control towers can be operated from another location irrespective of distance. The result is an airport which can offer more flexible air traffic services "on demand" and versatile opening hours to meet cus­tomer requirements.

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