01 July 2022 08:34

LFV kicks off procurement of systems for unmanned aviation

LFV is starting procurement activities for systems that will enable services for unmanned aviation after the summer. The service user interface will consist of an app and / or a web-based service. Read more

08 June 2022 13:35

Interim report submitted for government commission on unmanned aircraft

In the 2022 appropriation directions the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration (hereafter referred to as LFV) was given the government commission to establish systems and services for unmanned aircraft, UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management). On April 11 LFV submitted its first interim report to the government. Read more

19 May 2022 17:07

SESAR Open day at Malmö Airport on June 9

On Thursday June 9 there will be an SESAR Open Day at Malmö Airport in Sweden. Then the concept Arrival and departure optimised integrated runway sequence function will be demonstrated. Read more

06 May 2022 09:00

Launch of the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

On 5 May, the SESAR 3 JU gathered in Brussels its founding members, staff, as well as representatives from the European institutions and key stakeholders to mark the launch of the new partnership, which aims to accelerate, through research and innovation, the delivery of an inclusive, resilient and sustainable Digital European Sky. Read more

02 March 2022 16:15

Sweden closes airspace to Russian aircraft

The Government of Sweden decided on 27th of February to ban Russian aircraft from Swedish airspace, following a joint EU decision. Read more

25 January 2022 15:55

Elmira Zohrevandi awarded LFV Innovation Scholarship

The LFV Innovation Scholarship for 2021 was awarded to Elmira Zohrevandi who, after 5 years of study and work with ATM/Algorithms and AI, will defend her thesis in the spring of 2022. Her work concerns generic representations of air traffic, related information and the evaluation of a generic tool for conflict management within ATM. Read more