Elmira Zohrevandi awarded LFV Innovation Scholarship

Published: 25 January 2022 15:55

The LFV Innovation Scholarship for 2021 was awarded to Elmira Zohrevandi who, after 5 years of study and work with ATM/Algorithms and AI, will defend her thesis in the spring of 2022. Her work concerns generic representations of air traffic, related information and the evaluation of a generic tool for conflict management within ATM.

Elmira also possesses great talent for pedagogical explanations of complicated processes and their logic.
“This is an encouragement scholarship that is awarded to LiU students/researchers who have made an extra effort and shown excellence in an area that benefits LFV. In some cases, it is then natural to move to LFV after completing their theses. This is how we can acquire the tailor-made, cutting-edge competence that LFV needs for example in AI, automation and security,” says Billy Josefsson, Research, Innovation and Digitisation, LFV.

Photo above: Billy Josefsson together with Elmira Zohrevandi and Åsa Svensson.