See LFV's general invoicing and payment terms, ongoing and completed procurements and which laws LFVs procures are based on.

Procurement legislation

LFV operates in the utilities sector and carries out procurements pursuant to:

  • The Utilities Procurement Act (2016:1146) (LUF).
  • The Public Procurement Act (2016:1145) (LOU).
  • The Defence and Security Procurement Act (2011:1029) (LUFS).
  • The Act on Procurement of Concessions (2016:1147) (LUK).

We strive to procure the right goods and services at the right price and on the right terms at the right time. This includes:

  • Exploiting competitive market opportunities.
  • Following the five basic principles of procurement law: equal treatment, non-discrimination, proportionality, transparency and mutual recognition.