LFV conducts active environmental work, both in its own operations and by creating good opportunities for customers to reduce their environmental impact. To work for reduced energy consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions as well as increased use of renewable energy sources are today a necessity, both from social and economic standpoints and to be an attractive partner, provider and employer.

LFV has three areas with environmental impact:

  • emissions as a result of conducting operative air traffic control­ services.
  • emissions from business travel.
  • emissions from energy consumption.

LFV works to develop airspace, procedures and system ­support to create better conditions for reduced emissions from aviation in Sweden.

Here are some examples of projects to promote the environment:

We educate our air traffic controllers in fuel management, a kind of eco-driving in the air. This means that the air traffic controllers have knowledge of the link between the exercise of air traffic services and the conditions for reduced fuel consumption. Training is focused on practical models and examples. In recent years LFV has the trained over 100 air traffic controllers in fuel management. 

For many years LFV has assisted airports with expert support in their work with environmental permit in issues concerning air control services.The work has, in cooperation with the airport, resulted in finding solutions for air traffic control that can create the­ conditions to reduce emissions without increasing the number of residents exposed to noise levels above guideline values.