LFV Holding and subsidiaries

LFV's subsidiaries are grouped in the holding company LFV Holding. Here you can read about the operations run by LFV's subsidiaries.

AVISEQ Critical Communication AB

AVISEQ delivers technical operations and maintenance services to air traffic control centers, airports, government agencies and companies in Sweden. The company employs approximately 200 employees and revenue of approximately SEK 300 million in 2019. AVISEQ is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LFV business enterprise group. Historically, the company’s operations in aviation date back to the 1950s. For over 70 years, many generations of critical communication solutions have been delivered and maintained.

LFV Aviation Consulting AB

LFV Aviation Consulting is LFV's subsidiary for international consulting services in civil aviation. In operation since 1982 and with a long, broad experience of major, successful projects both in air navigation services and airport areas in many parts of the world.

LFV Norway AS

LFV Norway AS was founded in 2015. At a time when the Norwegian market is opening up after the Ministry of Transport and Communications' decision to establish a timetable for deregulation, LFV will become an important presence that can contribute to the development of airports' competitiveness and capacity. Trygve Gjertsen has been appointed as executive chairman of the company.

Entry Point North

Entry Point North (EPN) started in 2006, trains aviation management personnel and is jointly run by LFV (Sweden), Naviair (Denmark) and IAA (Ireland). CEO: Anne Kathrine Jensen.