LFV's control of the air traffic in Swedish airspace contributes to a safe, efficient and environmentally sound traffic flow. Our air traffic controllers ensure that aircrafts do not collide with each other or any other obstacles in the air or on the ground. 
Safety is LFV's highest priority and is guided by our Safety Policy. We work systematically to identify and prevent all conceivable risks for accidents, and our goal is to ensure that safety continually improves regardless of any traffic increase.

LFV applies the regulations from the Aviation Act, the Aviation Ordinance and the Swedish Transport Agency which regulates all air navigation services in Sweden, for both military and civil aviation. All security-critical elements in the organization have been broken down and described in handbooks, procedures and instructions.

Rules and regulations

Thanks to many years of experience and international cooperation, extensive rules and regulations for air navigation services have been developed.

Aviation Security

Aviation security is the work we do to prevent or impede illegal actions that aim our operation or personnel. We work systematically to ensure the highest possible aviation security.