01 September 2023 13:35

Flights at Umeå Airport now traffic-controlled remotely

On 23 February, air-traffic control at Umeå Airport joined the LFVs RTC Stockholm control centre, thus becoming the third of a total of four airports that make up Swedavia’s order in respect of remote air-traffic service. Read more

01 September 2023 13:25

The airspace of the future: how to optimize it for aviation, defence and the environment

At this year’s Aerospace Almedalen conference, LFV director-general Ann Persson Grivas and deputy director-general Magnus Corell spoke about the airspace of the future and how we might optimize it for aviation, defence and the environment. Read more

22 August 2023 10:11

New LFV Board members

The Swedish Government has reached a decision on changes to the Board of Directors at LFV. Read more

01 February 2023 08:17

The government gives LFV increased responsibility for unmanned aviation and extends the Director-General's appointment

On 1 February, LFVs assignment will be updated to include information and services that support unmanned aviation. LFVs Director-General Ann Persson Grivas appointment will be extended for a further three years from 1 April to 31 March 2026. Read more

06 October 2022 13:13

LFV celebrates 75 years as a state-owned public enterprise delivering air navigation services

This year, LFV turns 75. We have delivered safe, efficient and environmentally sound air navigation services in Swedish airspace since 1947. Between 6 and 12 October, we will celebrate 75 years of air traffic control and associated services. Read more

29 September 2022 15:29

LFV takes the next step towards more efficient air traffic control

LFV has now demonstrated the multiple remote tower function at Malmö Sturup. Multiple remote tower marks the next generation of remote air traffic control. This successful air traffic control concept, which LFV was the first in the world to introduce in 2015, is now in operation at six Swedish airports. Read more