01 June 2021 14:34

LFV commissions new remote air-traffic control centre

Today LFV commissioned the new remote tower centre, RTC Stockholm, for remote air-traffic control at some of Swedavia’s airports. The first airport to be connected to the centre was Kiruna Airport. Read more

18 May 2021 16:05

Easier to measure aircraft noise during the pandemic

LFV recently participated in a research project at KTH. In less than 3 hours, 18 flights were carried out where noise was measured using microphones next to the runway. ‘I am glad that we have been able to participate and contribute to the research. Read more

18 May 2021 16:00

COLA: fatigue study on the pandemic's effect on air traffic controllers' work situation

A research study is currently underway where LFV is conducting fatigue studies on various shift rotations and pandemic-related impact on the work situation of air traffic controllers. Read more

30 April 2021 09:32

Remote air traffic control at London City Airport

London City Airport is now the first major international airport with remote air traffic control. This has been made possible by technology developed by LFV-part owned company Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions. Read more

29 March 2021 12:41

Improved air traffic control over the southern Baltic Sea with new radar

LFV has commissioned a new primary radar in southern Sweden. With this, LFV's air traffic controllers who manage traffic over the southern Baltic Sea receive important flight safety-enhancing information about flights without transponders. Read more

09 March 2021 09:49

Major reduction in air traffic in 2020 due to the pandemic

The air traffic in Swedish airspace decreased by 57 percent in 2020 as a direct result of the pandemic. The number of flights last year was 332,000, compared with 774,000 in 2019. Read more