Master plan

Business Strategy

Pre Study:

  • Vision & Mission
  • Organizational Review
  • Digitalization & AI
  • Investment Planning Review
  • Financial Planning
  • Competence mapping
  • Legislation mapping

Audit and Recommendations

  • Legislation (ICAO, EASA, FAA, IATA etc)
  • Infrastructure and Process optimization
  • Safety and Security
  • Validation

Traffic forecast

  • Air traffic movements
  • Passangers and cargo valumes
  • Domestic and international

Input to airport, ATM or aviation master plan.

Technical and operational requirements

  • Process optimization
  • Aviation capacity
  • Airport specific equipment
  • Automated airport vehicals

Investment requirements

GAP Analysis

  • Traffic development
  • Regulation
  • Technical develpment
  • Digital tansformation

Financing and performance management

  • Aviation business plan
  • Investment plan
  • Finance plan. PPP, Pre PPP studies, Cost Benefit analysis

Green Aviation

  • Infrastructure for alternative fuels
  • Education in green aviation for air traffic controllers and airport staff
  • Green flight paths (i.e. flexible use of airspace)

Competence development and training

  • Strategic competence planning
  • GAP analyses
  • Training


  • Remote Tower pre-studies
  • National and International regulations
  • GAP-analysis


Maria Wall Petrini